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ArcGIS Pro 2.0 | How to design Fields in shapefile from Catalog Pane ?

Question asked by Vincenty on Jan 26, 2018
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Just a simple question. From the Catalog Pane, if I right-click a shapefile -> Design -> Fields, I can view the fields but cannot edit them, such as making a field Nullable for example.


All the fields are greyed out!



Morever, I made these fields with the ModelBuilder Add Field with a variable set to IsNullable (as the option is not included in the Add Field right-click settings in ModelBuilder)



Finally, if I use Delete Fields (as below), these fields still show up in the Field design pane! As a result, the ModelBuilder crash because it considers these fields still existing...




I am puzzled and I suspect ArcGIS Pro do not refresh features classes after geoprocessing... If I restart, these fields do not show up and I can run the Model...


Any help appreciated