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Dateformat on infowindow

Question asked by endlessdsire on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by dcoley

Hello, I have the following question.


How can i set up a dateformat for a infowindow? Right now my problem is the infowindow is showing a incorrect timezone, (-3 hr to my current timezone), so i need to fix it.


Here is my code:


let chInfoTemp= new InfoTemplate();

let chInfoContent =
"<div style=padding-top: 10px;><b>Starting: </b> ${initial_date:DateFormat(datePattern:'d MMMM yyyy, HH:mm:ss.', selector:'date')}<br></div>"+
"<div style=padding-top: 10px;><b>Final:</b> ${er:DateFormat(datePattern:'d MMMM yyyy, HH:mm:ss.', selector:'date')}<br></div>";


Thanks in advice!