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ArcGIS Server services URL (...) cannot be validated against (...)

Question asked by mpschoelen0 on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by jbrockwe

The issue:

  • When validating the federation of our GIS servers, we are presented with the message: 

    Portal Administrator Directory

    Server Id: lrDg7sfm4UFAKE8W
    Status: success
    • ArcGIS Server services URL '' cannot be validated against ''. If the service URL is a proxy URL verify it is accessible to clients.
    • ArcGIS Server administration URL '' is accessible.
    • ArcGIS Server '' version is compatible with Portal for ArcGIS.


The background:

  • This issue is identical to one in the docs here. Unfortunately, the docs just say:
    "[In this example] the second server reports a failure as the Enterprise is unable to reach or ping it. This server requires maintenance."
  • We don't have a Web Adaptor installed for the servers, so does not exist.
  • My team recently deployed ArcGIS Enterprise (using Chef and Esri cookbook v3.1.0). All enterprise installs were "successful", including federation--there were no errors that halted any of the processes.
  • We took the default for a few variables, including WebContextURL, if that would make a difference
  • We are currently working in a test environment with no certificates. So we didn't specify any of the certificate parameters when running Chef-- the docs say that it will generate a self signed certificate. 


My Question: 

  • Regardless of Chef, what might cause this error message? (Certificates, URL specifications...) If I know the root, I can hopefully define the correct variable.


If you want to see the Chef parameters, I can post those as well.