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Restricting Editing in a Portal Web Application

Question asked by SchmidtNikolas on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by xander_bakker

My organization would like to have Applications that are available to view by all Users within our Portal, but have editing privileges for the Layer(s) available only to named Group(s) and/or named User(s). My plan to go about doing this is to create a custom Widget to incorporate into all such Applications through which the publisher can specify either named Group(s) and/or User(s), as well as the Layer(s) that can be edited through the Application.


I'm not very far along on this project, but I'd like to get some information before beginning:

  • Is this an effective solution to solving the problem?
  • Are there other existing solutions to this problem that would be easier to incorporate?
  • Would is be easier to create a wrapper widget that simply verifies that the current user is approved, then enables the out-of-the-box editor widget?
  • Any other advice or thoughts?


Thank you!