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How do I copy more than 255 characters to a text field in a file geodatabase?

Question asked by JeffMcPR on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by JeffMcPR

Table A: I have a file geodatabase table that with a text field (A-F) with a length set to 2000.

Table B: I have a "Personal Geodatabase Table" (very old version of Geographix) that I have joined to table A.

Table B contains a text field (B-F) with length 2,147,483,647, however the data is never more that 1,500 characters.

I need to copy data from B-F to A-F.  I am using Field Calculate to attempt this, however the data is being truncated at 250 characters.

Further testing: Using Field Calculate and simply putting a string of more than 250 characters will get truncated if two table are joined.  If I remove the join, the string gets load in the field properly.

Is seems when the tables are joined, there is a 250 character limit on text fields.  What have I done wrong to cause this.