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Splitting Line Features with Multiple Selected Verticies

Question asked by on Jan 25, 2018
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  So I have a lot of line segments that I need to split and remove a small portion of (trails that cross roads, where I don't want the road crossings to be part of the trail).


  Currently I've been having to tediously use the Split Line Feature and select the first node and split the trail and the road crossing.  Then select the 2nd part of the split line and move it back to the other side of the road to create that gap where the road crossing is and then draw in the new crosswalk line.


  My question is there a simple way to actually be able to manually select multiple points on a line and split the line that way?  I've tried using ALT which works a lot of times for selecting multiple things, but it doesn't seem to work this way.  


  I just would find it a lot easier to split the line in two places to create 3 features where I can then designate the road crossing a lot easier by just changing it's feature code...




Here is how I want my line to look when it's complete.  B is how I want to split the line only once, but in 2 places so that 3 polyline features are created.