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Anyone have experience with the mystical Oracle ARCSDE_IDPIPE's?

Question asked by RobertNS on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by e.mahleresri-ch-esridist

ESRI 10.2.2
Oracle 11g
Non-Versioned DB, Default only, Direct Connect.

We migrate data routinely using Oracle expdp and impdp from Production to QA and DEV.
Before migrating the data all downstream constraints and triggers are disabled.
Data is imported using standard Oracle impdp.
Sequences reset including all R# using MAX(OBJECTID)
All existing ARCSDE_IDPIPE's are removed "dbms_pipe.remove_pipe".
All constraints and indexes are rebuilt including R#_SDE_ROWID and triggers re-enabled.

Randomly, in ArcMap users will get a unique constraint violation error. It appears placing a new feature using the GDB schema account repairs without having to re-register the tables. Other feature classes it's not an issue.

Suggestions please, don't make product or additional product recommendations?