Related Feature on no spatial table

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I created a mmpk with spatial tables and no spatial tables.

I have a spatial which have a relation with a spatial table and a relation with a no spatial table.

I use SDK 100.2.0.


When I use that on a feature, I don't see the relation with the table no spatial while I see the relation with a spatial table.


ListenableFuture<List<RelatedFeatureQueryResult>> listListenableFuture = featureTable.queryRelatedFeaturesAsync(feature);
listListenableFuture.addDoneListener(() -> {


    List<RelatedFeatureQueryResult> relatedFeatureQueryResults = null;


    try {
        relatedFeatureQueryResults = listListenableFuture.get();
        Log.i(TAG, "RESULT : " + relatedFeatureQueryResults.size());
        for (RelatedFeatureQueryResult relatedQueryResult : relatedFeatureQueryResults){
            String relationName = relatedQueryResult.getRelationshipInfo().getName();
            Log.i(TAG, relationName);


            String tableName = relatedQueryResult.getRelatedTable().getTableName();
            List<Field> fields = relatedQueryResult.getRelatedTable().getFields();


Do you have a idea ?