Fast Track Devevlopment: Small Successes

Discussion created by jamesfreddyc on Jan 25, 2018

Just a simple/quick discussion post that I think might help others that are likely in a similar situation: as our team deploys more and more WAB products to our organization, we've found that there's an uptick in requests/requirements that are above/beyond what a typical WAB product can deliver.  This of course just means we end up needing a custom widget.


We have a couple of custom widgets deployed here but not much complexity went into them or they had been developed from outside our group, so we didn't really have that required knowledge base to take on a new widget dev implementation.


THIS post is what started our dev work, and Robert's solution is invaluable to get that simplified widget.  We initially thought, "hey, let's just use an existing widget like the GP widget to get our tabbed requirement met".  What happens is the complexity of the widget makes it difficult to break down into logical segments for newbs like us.


Also, THIS post details some of the problems and resolutions of that initial implementation.


A big thank you Robert Scheitlin for taking the time to provide the guidance --- absolutely needed it!