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Accessing a third party API from an Esri web app

Question asked by on Jan 23, 2018
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Hi. We are trying to display the number of available parking lot spaces in our Local Government Public Parking web app solution (built using ArcGIS Pro; the app is configured in Web AppBuilder as part of Esri's solution).  We would like to have the space count display when the app opens (as in the screen shot or similar).  We have installed a space counter sign for one of our parking lots and are testing it and gathering public feedback. The parking vendor can provide the parking space count data.  We can retrieve the count data through their API (they have provided the API key, etc.).  Thus, we would like to add the parking space counts to our GIS public parking app (and perhaps elsewhere on our city's website).  I have been able to activate the link in pop-ups or an Information widget, but one has to click on the link, which opens another page to display the count.  Obviously, it would be much more convenient for the user to have the count show automatically when the app is opened, then click on a link and jump to another web page.  I am hoping someone can point us in the right direction.  Many thanks in advance.