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IOS Exception at UIApplication.Main

Question asked by kangdon on Jan 24, 2018


I am fairly new to ArcGIS Runtime. 
I am building Xamarin Forms app.

I have login page at the beginning and goes to map page once user is authenticated.

For Android, I have no issues. It compiles and behaves how I have it designed to.

However, when I try to test for IOS, I get exception error at Main.cs


// This is the main entry point of the application.
static void Main(string[] args)
// if you want to use a different Application Delegate class from "AppDelegate"
// you can specify it here.
UIApplication.Main(args, null, "AppDelegate");


I've set a break point in my login page and gone through every line of code and nothing really is wrong.

But when login page try's to navigate to the MapPage, I get error message like the attached image.


Appreciated if anyone can share your thoughts.