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Too Many Layers

Question asked by bokeefe on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by jlhansen

In the past few years as I have made more and more web-maps for various City Government departments and individuals, based on focused geospatial data as well as generalized data, one of the most common threads requested is the 'Kitchen Sink' map... or "Can you add every layer we develop here at the City to this map?"


I've just been informed that I'll be tasked with a similar map soon... The project management will be asking for 50-100 feature classes / layers to be added to this map.


Other than using the Advanced Search Widget (so that Rest Services can be queried without being included in the map as a layer in the TOC) by Robert Scheitlin, GISP I am curious if anyone has any experience with similar web mapping conundrums and how they were handled?