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Annotation support in v100.x

Question asked by johnselkirk on Jan 22, 2018
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Does anyone have any guidance on when annotation support will be added to ArcGIS Runtime?


It would be nice to know a ballpark release (please say "v100.3 before the UC!" ) and information like:


- Will it support feature linked anno?

- Will it be able to take old (ArcObjects based) annotation and convert to new Arcade style anno during sync / extract?

- If there will not be feature parity will there be a matrix comparing both versions?

- Editing, for our needs, is not as important but will it be supported in an initial release and in a subsequent one?


Sorry for so many questions. Many of our customers came from CAD world and have a ton of annotation. We are being asked when annotation will be supported in our product and I'm trying to at least allow them to plan.