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WebApp edits slow to load

Question asked by Wilcox.Jeff on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Wilcox.Jeff

Hi all,


I am currently hosting an editable Feature Service in AGOL.


I created a WebMap in Portal that uses this Feature Service, functionality at this point is rock-solid. I can make edits and add new points to the Feature Service very quickly, visual display is updated quickly as well as database.


Finally, in order to gain additional functionality via Widgets, I created a WebApp that uses the WebMap. Creating edits in this WebApp DOES update the Feature Service (database-wise) but the Map itself does not update visually unless a user zooms in/our or opens the WebApp in a different browser. This has the potential to confuse and frustrate end-users.


The Feature Service has very few features (less than 100) and again...the WebMap is VERY responsive to edits, visually and in the database itself. Any thoughts?