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Issues accessing web app after download

Question asked by nomisc on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by nomisc

I have both an Enterprise and Personal ESRI account. I created a web app using WebApp builder in my Enterprise account and downloaded it so I could tweak it and in preparation for it to be loaded onto the company server. When I try to open it on my local server I'm asked for login details, which is fine. However, if I enter my Enterprise details it says "The username or password you entered is incorrect". I was puzzled by this as the details are correct, so on the off-chance I entered my personal details. This time it logged me in, but then said since this was an Enterprise account and I'm logged on in my personal account I don't have access. Since it was created in my Enterprise account, why is it looking for my personal details and how can I get to access it?

Hope you can help