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Dealing with multiple geometry conditions

Question asked by dkossowskyesri-ca-esridist Employee on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by CLau-esristaff

I am working on a rule where a land lot goes through a series of checks, and can only continue to the next part of the rule once all check conditions are met.


I need to check the following:

- the area of the shape needs to be larger than 100

- the length of the first edge needs to be greater than 25


I’ve got my rule set up so as follows:


attr AreaPass = false
attr LinePass = false

Shape -->
                case geometry.area >= 1000:
                                set(AreaPass, true)
                                print(geometry.area + " is area")
                                print(AreaPass + " is area")
                                color(1,0,0) #color the shape to show an error

LineCheck -->
                comp(e) {0: FrontLine}

FrontLine -->
                case >= 25:
                                set(LinePass, true)
                                print ( + " is")
                                print (LinePass + " is")
                                color(1,0,0) ##fail

TestsHavePassed -->
                case LinePass == true && AreaPass == true:
                                print ("pass")
                                color(0,1,0) #color the LOT green to show that it passed
                                extrude(10) #Extrude the LOT shape by x meters to show that it passed
                                color(1,0,0) ##fail
                                print ("fail")



The issue is that I can't extrude the original lot face by x meters because by this point I've split the object and only have an edge left to work with. Is there any way to run a geometry area test AND an edge test, and if they both satisfy their conditions, then an operation will continue on the original input shape?