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Time slider widget (Web AppBuilder)

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2018
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Hi all.  I have a municipal crime map app built using ArcGIS Pro, Online, and Web AppBuilder.  The web map app includes the time slider widget.  My agency would like the app to not display any crime features when the app first opens.  I have fiddled with the time interval tools in Pro, and in the web map and web map app, trying to suppress the display of all crime features on the initial app opening.  So instead of "scaring" the user by displaying a year's worth of crime data when the app first opens, we would like an blank basemap to open.  The user would then click on the time slider widget in the app, and slide back in time to start showing the various crimes.  It appears the time slider in the web map app always starts from the beginning of the data set regardless of what I set in Pro or the web map.