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Would it be possible to group different selectors?

Question asked by monzay on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by monzay

I have an indicator that displays the number of requests in a time period that were closed within 2 days, plus a ratio. For example: "Last Quarter 75 Tickets out of 323 were completed in 2 days or less - 23.2%". At one point I had set up the left panel to allow the user to change the time period to last week or last month, etc. I was able to set an action that would change the value (75) and the reference (323) on the indicator but I was unable to include the ability to change the number of days (2). While I could set up a number selector in the left panel these selectors operate independently of each other.


I wondered if it is feasible to group different selectors.


My workaround was to create a series of indicators that would display these different time periods. In this case 2 days or less is what this user wants to see but if the user wants to see a different number of days I would have to reconfigure the element.


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