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ArcGIS Online webmap changes not reflected after tapping "reload" in Collector (iOS)

Question asked by asan@nps.gov_nps on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by asan@nps.gov_nps

Every time I make a change to an existing web map in my ArcGIS Online organizational account, the changes are not immediately reflected in Collector for ArcGIS, unless I log out and log back in. It does not seem to be reliable if I tap "reload" or pull down to refresh (from the main screen). 

Any changes (symbology change/adding layer/removing layer, etc..) made to my webmap only appear in Collector app if I log out of my user name and then log back in. This is very annoying and can eat away at the time spent in checking if the  maps work correctly. 


How can I get Collector to refresh changes to my webmaps successfully without having to log out of Collector?Does anyone know if this is known bug? 


I am using Collector ArcGIS version 17.0.4 on an iPad Mini 4 iOS 11.2.1.