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Filter Widget Errors

Question asked by jamesfreddyc on Jan 17, 2018

The filter widget fails/errors when a layer in the web map source to the WAB has been removed and re-added to the same web map (in the same position in the TOC).  Simply remove and re-add the web layer and the widget breaks in the deployed WAB.


Anyone else notice this?



This happens in the applyFilterValues function on line 294 of the Widget.js file

      applyFilterValues: function(node, filterObj, evt) {
        var expr = node.filterParams && (node.expr || node.filterParams.getFilterExpr());
        if (expr) {
          node.expr = expr;
          // getFilterExpr
          var layerId = filterObj.layerId;
          var idx = html.getAttr(node, 'data-index');
          var layerInfo = this.layerInfosObj.getLayerInfoById(layerId);
          if (layerInfo.isShowInMap() && layerInfo.isInScale()) {
            this._bindMapUpdateEvents(node, true);
          } else {
            html.addClass(node, 'applied');
          this._setItemFilter(layerId, idx, node.expr, filterObj.enableMapFilter);
          var layerFilterExpr = this._getExpr(layerId);
          var enableMapFilter = this._getMapFilterControl(layerId);
          this.filterManager.applyWidgetFilter(layerId,, layerFilterExpr, enableMapFilter);