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Is ArcGIS Pro too complex for my needs?

Question asked by michaelolsen1 on Jan 18, 2018
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ArcGIS Pro 2.1.0




I am hoping to get some help determining if I can accomplish what my company needs using ArcGIS Pro. I like the download map and use offline functionality. I have spent a great deal of time researching and testing, but I keep running in to scenarios where the requirements go beyond my resources. I will try to explain:


We have a set of shape files from a custom app that ran on Pocket PC. It contains a network of roads that we have been building and maintaining. The roads are mostly dirt roads. I have been able to import the shp files into a project as layers and then added them as feature classes. Here is a snip of what the roads look like.

The colors are the different shape files and each represents a speed limit which has been used when the previous app decides a route. What we want to do is specify a point using GPS coordinates and generate a route from the current location to the specified point following the roads on our map. We ONLY want to use the roads we define. Our trucks are restricted from certain roads. The navigation then tracks along that route, recalculating if needed. Turn by turn navigation and other bells and whistles are not needed. We just need to be guided along the path. Real simple requirements.


I imported all the possible point locations with their name and coordinates from a spreadsheet  and added them as a layer. Then I built a mobile map with no errors and added it to the organization. When I run ArcGis Navigator, the map never shows up. All the other default maps show under the add button, but not mine.


I read that I needed an address locator so I created one using the locations table and rebuilt the mobile package. Still nothing shows in Navigator. I tried to create a Travel Mode, but it says I need a Network Dataset which I can't make any sense of at all. The tool seems to be missing. All the while things seem to be getting more complicated then possibly they need to be. 


Can anyone offer some direction? Possibly some high level steps on I would like to know if I can be successful or if I need to look elsewhere.


Sincere Thanks,