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prompt randomly appearing in locally hosted public storymap

Question asked by vbeckley_RWC on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by vbeckley_RWC

I'm working on a storymap to share with the public and started off by creating a journal storymap hosted on Arcgis online. I configured the application so that all layers, webmaps, and premium services were public, and so far we have successfully shared the storymap with the public with no sharing issues.


I realized it would be better to have both a mobile and desktop version, so I followed the steps in this blog by Cooper Thomas. I created a mobile version of the storymap, I then hosted the compiled version of the application (1.13.1) on my webserver and added the necessary code to make it responsive and point to my two storymaps. All went well.


Upon testing this I found that two sections of my storymap are randomly prompting sign-in (see images). I would assume this had to do with a layer or premium service that hasn't been shared, BUT it seems like that is not the case because the random prompting only happen in the storymaps that are shared on my webserver. When I access them via arcgis online (signed out and in incognito window) the prompt does not appear.


Any ideas about whats happening? My IT department couldn't find any initial indicators. It doesn't happen for every section, and it only sometimes happens to the two I've seen it in. It also occurs when I access the webserver link on my phone, but not every time I move to one of those two sections. Also when I select cancel on the sign-in window I am able to proceed.


I am wondering if this is the same issue described in this conversation. Also I saw that in the 1.12.1 release of the journal app there was a fix: "Addressed an issue with cookies that eliminates several unexpected login prompts and redirect loops". Could that be the same issue I'm experiencing? 


Here's the storymap on my webserver

Here's the mobile version on arcgis online, and the desktop version in arcgis online

And the error is shown below (also attached).


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