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Raster symbology not retained in data driven pages export

Question asked by jwarren1988 on Jan 18, 2018

I have data driven pages set up for 93 charts in one MXD which show a different section of seabed on each page. Each page shows a different section of the same raster file. I have my raster symbology set to stretched and statistics calculated 'From Current Display Extent' so that the full colour ramp is displayed for each section of the raster I'm viewing.


The issue is when I export more than one page at a time to PDF the colour ramp for the raster only retains the full range of colour on the page that I have currently loaded. The other 92 charts which are exported are displaying the raster data as if the colour ramp is being applied across the whole raster file instead of the display extent on each page.


Is there any way around this so that I get the full colour ramp on each page?