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Cannot Republish Survey -- Does not Recognize was Already Published

Question asked by Ashley.Hayes_TXDOT on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Ashley.Hayes_TXDOT

I have created multiple surveys that I sometimes update and then re-publish using Survey123 Connect, Version 2.5.44.  Most of the surveys when I re-publish, I get a message indicating "Warning: This survey has already been published", etc.  That is fine and I am able to indicate that I want to proceed and re-publish.   However, some of the newer surveys that I have created and published seem to not recognize that they have already been published and I get this message, "Unable to create folder.  Error.  Code: 400".  For these surveys that give me that error, I can use them to create new surveys (with different names) and publish, but I cannot re-publish with the same name.  Any suggestions?