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Changing OD Matrix cutoff without recreating the matrix

Question asked by on Jan 17, 2018
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I need to generate multiple OD Cost Matrices with different distance cutoffs using the same set of destinations (the origins change). To speed up the process, I'd like to be able to avoid having to recreate the OD Matrix layer (and more importantly, avoid re-adding all the destinations) between Solve operations. I've followed the documentation to change the defaultCutoff property of the OD matrix layer, but it has no effect. I only seem to be able to change the defaultCutoff when I initialize the OD matrix layer. 


Here's the Python code I've written:

od_matrix_result =, 'od_matrix_layer', cost, default_cutoff=500, output_path_shape='NO_LINES')   # this successfully sets the defaultCutoff

out_na_layer = od_matrix_result.getOutput(0)
print(  # prints 500 = 1000  # seems to have no real effect
print(  # prints 1000, but the Solve still works with defaultCutoff as 500

Any idea why this isn't working? Thanks in advance!