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How to Define Data Source Vertical Units

Question asked by pbcote on Jan 16, 2018
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I have a multipatch layer, which I created form some 3d studio files.  All Z units are feet, andf the XY coordinate system is State Plane Feet.  So far so good.


Adding this as a layer to a 3D scene in ArcfGIS Pro 2.01, the Source Coordinate system lists the spatial reference correctly: Feet.  In the same Layer>Source view, the "Data Source Vertical Units" are listed as Meters.  


To get the layer to look right, I can over-ride this in the Layer Elevation Properties.  Which is what I normally do..  My problem nos is that the layer can't be edited unless the Elevation Units and the Data Source Vertical units are the same.


So my question is:  is it possible for a user to change or fix the Data Source Vertical Units?