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Crowdsource Reporter: restricting access via Facebook (or other social media) log-in?

Question asked by azendel on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by AMuise-esristaff

I've successfully created a Crowdsource Reporter web app using the configurable app. It is hosted in our ArcGIS Online account (not an on-premises server or portal).  Overall, it's been a pretty easy process and I've successfully created the required Facebook app. Then I've been able to log into the CS app using my FB account.  Step 9 of the documentation that guided me through the process of setting up FB access says:


Click App Review in the menu on the left side of the dashboard and enable public access under the Make Public heading. This will allow the public to use their Facebook accounts to sign in to your app. You can still control who can access your application using the ArcGIS sharing permissions.


I cannot find the settings that will allow me to grant access to certain Facebook users. Is that possible? The wording in the above quote makes it sound like I should be able to do that. Or does that last sentence mean we can change certain access options, but only for accounts signed in via ArcGIS Online?