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URL attributes works like links in ArcMap, not in AGOL

Question asked by valraa on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by valraa

I am trying to add links to a point feature class in its table of attribute.

I have a filed which is called "PAGE", of text type.

Inside, I place a URL (e.g.

ArcMap does see it as a link and if I click on it from the info window, my default browser opens up.

When I publish the mxd with this layer to AGOL via File -> Share As -> Service, it is placed in My Contents, but the attribute is not a link anymore (only plain text).

I noticed that if I configure the popup to see "Page" filed as link, it prependS https://<MY_ORGANIZATION> to the link, and obviously it is not working.

Why is it doing it?

Has anybody have experienced the same problem?


ArcMap version 10.4.1.