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Confused about Arcade labeling compatibility between Desktop and Online.

Question asked by Koelker12 on Jan 17, 2018
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I've been designing some maps in ArcGIS Pro for printing (with the hope of creating identical web map versions) and, seeing that Arcade expressions can carry over into ArcGIS Online, went through the time and effort to figure out and incorporate arcade expressions into my labels. I then shared my layers to my ArcGIS Online account and found that (among many other things) my Arcade label expressions were not recognized or supported.


Wasn't the whole point of Arcade to have a universal expression language across the platform and make sharing content between different applications quick and seamless? Below are some screenshots of what it should look like vs what came up in ArcGIS Online, as well as the expression I am using. 


If this is a limitation of ArcGIS Online? If so, can we get some documentation on what is and isn't supported? The only thing I saw in my prior research was that multi-line label expressions were not supported, and it's frustrating to have to find the limitations yourself through trial and error. I'm glad we're getting progress in the web map labeling department, but I thought universal meant universal.


Arcade Label expression:

"<FNT size = '12'>" + Replace($feature.fsp_labels_SITE_NAME, 'State Park', 'SP') + "</FNT>" + " " + "<FNT size = '25'>" + $feature.fsp_labels_NUM + "</FNT>"


What I'm trying to do is replace some words with abbreviations and then use two different font sizes. The replace function worked, so I'm guessing it's just an issue of using two font sizes in one label? There really needs to be some better documentation on this stuff for users to refer to. #


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