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ArcGIS online vs Server

Question asked by Nemesiss on Jan 16, 2018
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I was hoping to get a clearer understanding as the approach other organizations have taken and what they have found when moving to the ESRI suite.  


Given budget challenges and constraints, we have taken the approach of using ArcGIS Online to augment our current GIS shortcomings and thus far its been quite successful.  In years past we had reviewed the ArcGIS options but the online component had not yet matured to the degree it is now and so we waited.


Now, we are looking to expand into using ArcGIS further, and keeping the budget challenges at the forefront it's important that we find a solution that meets our organizations needs moving forward but keeping the budget impacts at a minimum.  


Given that many software companies have moved towards the SAAS and PAAS approaches, (no different than ESRI) does it make sense to move to the ArcServer or have others found that the ability to customize ArcGIS Online and the tools offered closed the gap between the two platforms enough that introducing ArcServer is not as necessary as has been in the past?


I would like to hear other opinions on the subject.