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Problem with the Capital Projects Solution Deployment tool

Question asked by mkohlerpsl on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by chris_fox-esristaff

I have been trying to deploy a solution from the ArcGIS Pro Solutions Deployment tool. I was and am still getting errors as I work with ESRI to try and fix the problem. As usual, I don't have time to wait and started following the steps laid out in the Manual Section of the link Publish feature layer - Capital Project Locator | ArcGIS for Local Government .


I am frustrated because I have walked through the setup of the Capital Project Plans and manually created the maps, layers and apps. Next, I want to use the Capital Project Locator and walked through all the setup steps laid out in the link above. However, when I view the completed web app I am not seeing what ESRI shows in their demo.


I walked through the steps of the Capital Project Plans and have a working version of this app: 


I'm trying to get my Capital Project Locator app to look like this: ArcGIS Web Application 


But the information shown in my app is nowhere near what the above app shows. In one of the steps on the Manual Set Up it says 

  • Configure the pop-up for each layer using a custom attribute display option.

But it doesn't say what that custom display should be. 


Has anyone successfully deployed or walked through this maze?


My apps are here: ArcGIS Web Application 

and here: