Multiple feature, multiple layer query and intersect - no map

Discussion created by AJRS_GA on Jan 15, 2018
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In a general sense I am trying to select multiple features (always polygons) from one, or more, layers and find out what polygons they intersect from multiple other layers.  The task seems simple enough but I am having trouble with a variety of the pieces and am at the point where I am wondering if this is the tool I should be using for this task.  At this point I should point out I am a GIS person with not very strong JavaScript skills so I've been trying to piece components together and have not been having very much success!


My first issue is that the user will likely have anywhere from 10 polygons to 3000 polygons they need to initially select.  Due to the potential number of features the user will likely upload a CSV file containing a list of features.  I can get the CSV read but I am having difficulty successfully translating that into a query string.


My second issue is the intersect.  The intersect seems to only return geometry and not attribute information. 


My final issue is that because of the large amount of features that are to be passed back and forth, and the potential that our clients could be on a very slow internet connection, I am tasked to do this without a map interface.  Ideally the user uploads a CSV file, receives a list of features back to confirm the file read, and selection, and then receives a second list with all of the features the selected set of initial features intersects - all without a map.   


As I mentioned I am wondering if JavaScript API is the tool we should be using and if not, could someone suggest something more suitable?  If it is doable, what functions should I use to handle such a large feature load?


I very much appreciate any advice you could provide.


Thank you.