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Lazy load panels or widget content?

Question asked by markjones_tps on Jan 15, 2018



I am building an app in WAB DE. This app uses the Dashboard theme which allows the creation of many panels to place widgets into. I have about 8 panels in use, each one using the infographic widget for Count results, charts, etc.


These widgets take about 5 - 10 seconds to load their respective data and until it displays the data it shows a "no data" message. While I have been able to change that message to "loading..." I was wondering if the following is possible:


Can panels, or widget content, be "lazy loaded"? By that I mean, is it possible to cascade the loading of each panel after a set delay period, or preferably the widget content?


If this is not possible, is there a way to lengthen the time of the main LOADING screen of the app? =]



Any help is greatly appreciated.