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Joins and Creating a graph/chart in ArcMap 10.4 with attribute data?

Question asked by ssk227 on Jan 15, 2018

I cannot get my point data to spatially join with the fishnet grid like I need it to. There are multiple points within one cell of the fishnet, and the fishnet only picks up one of the points with the join.
How can I join the data so that when I click the cell, I can see all the data of the points within the cell, rather than just one of them?


I also need to be able to create graphs and charts in ArcMap 10.4 from data within my attribute table that is not numerical. Do I need to make this data numerical or can I make a chart or graph with the data as is?


Butterfish: Urgent, High, Medium, Low; River Herring: Urgent, High, Medium, Low; Yellowtail: Positive, Negative; Windowpane: Positive, Negative.