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Placing Info Window at xmax,ymax of Feature Extent

Question asked by metostom on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by metostom

I am attempting to place Info windows at the [xmax,ymax] of a feature extent. I have attempted using the following code.


var extent = new esri.geometry.Extent(feature.geometry.getExtent());
var xmax = extent.xmax;
var ymax = extent.ymax;
var location = new Point([xmax,ymax]);;

The labels do not appear. 

I extracted the xmax and ymax values as discussed in This thread.

When I replace:;



The labels appear in the center of the feature as they should. So is something incorrect about the way I create the point? I have attempted most formats in The Point Documentation, with no luck. Any ideas where I should go from here?