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Auto-Append in Portal/AGOL

Question asked by Tony.Amodei on Jan 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2018 by Tony.Amodei

Working with multiple (hosted) feature layers, I was looking for a way to automatically write to a master layer.  Since they were already separate layers, most with the same schema, I thought this possible.  On the server side at least, this doesn't seem easy.  In Pro, I can just run the append tool, but that doesn't satisfy a dynamic, multi-user operating environment.  They are making single observations on the fly and using the smart-edit widget from WebAppBuilder seems pretty user-friendly. 


(side-quest, how can I get the MGRS field to auto-populate/calculate??

FREE BEER for anyone who helps me do this!)


As a work-around, I'm going to try and re-publish a single feature layer for all users to write to.  How many users at once can edit a hosted feature layer in portal?  I'm going to get them all using the same web app (built using web app builder) in the same tab of a map series app.  Is this un-wise?