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Editing related table in web app and in collector. Issue with auto adding GUID in related table and Domain not showing in related table in web app.

Question asked by natwal_stlcogis on Jan 12, 2018


I am trying to edit the related table in a web app which I built using WAB. we have all the data used in app in our local database and services are published in house. I have built this application for one of our departments they need the capability to revisit same locations and treat with different products. so I added related table to hold the multiple visit information. Relationship class was created using GUID field. 


1 issues is that when related record is edited it doesn't pick the GUID from feature class automatically.

2 issue is I have set up a domain on related table on products used for the treatments. Every time I visit the web application it clears up the values in my domain. 

3. Can you edit related table on collector? Because that is another capability we need for in field treatments app.


I am in touch with ESRI Tech support but no solution so far. so thought to ask in community in case someone else faced this issue.


Thank you