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NetCDF file loads without spatial referencing and upside-down

Question asked by suziemilner on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by suziemilner

I have a NetCDF file of global climate data that when loaded into ArcMap it warns it's missing spatial referencing information. Perhaps even worse, the map displays upside-down (see image below). When I look at the extent in the layer properties it states top = 359.5, left = -0.5, right = 719.5, bottom = -0.5. The details I have are listed below the image but the file is too large (~1.2GB) to view to visually inspect (which also means it's too large to load here). Once I have loaded this data I will need to extract by mask of certain countries and certain timepoints so I need to correct this. Can anyone suggest how I can correct and define the spatial referencing?




3 variables (excluding dimension variables):
float latitude[lat] (Contiguous storage)
units: degrees_north
float longitude[lon] (Contiguous storage)
units: degrees_east
float temperature[time,lon,lat] (Contiguous storage)
_FillValue: -999
units: degrees Celsius
missing_value: -999

3 dimensions:
lat Size:360
lon Size:720
time Size:1140
units: months from January 2006

4 global attributes:
history: ClimGen v1.02 data file created on 08.09.08 at 10:24:36 consisting of .tmp = near-surface temperature (degrees Celsius)
attributation: ClimGen developed by Dr Tim Osborn (Climatic Research Unit) and Dr Tim Mitchell (Tyndall Centre), ENV, UEA, UK
dataUsed: climate change & observed variability cru_ts_3_00 1961-1990 starting 1987
patternScaling: obs mean + obs variability + mean ch