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database connection works for desktop but not pro

Question asked by Slade9 on Jan 11, 2018
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My shop uses ArcMap 10.4.1 but are looking forward to the future and have installed Pro as well. We are instructed to use Pro from time to time to get familiar with it so when the time comes, the real transition will be as close to painless as possible.


One issue we are having is that some of the database connections that work for 10.4.1 do not work in Pro. In particular, we have an Oracle database which functions as expected in ArcMap.


In Pro, we have tried to manually create the connection using the same information (Oracle, Instance, Database authentication, username, pw) only to receive a connection error (Failed to connect to the specified DMBS instance ... does not exist, too long, invalid characters) See attachment for error.


We have also tried to connect by adding the ArcCatalog folder which holds all the connection files to the project and then rclick adding the database that way, no luck though. This attempt leaves us with a red exclamation point.


This is fairly baffling as many other connections work just fine; operating system authentication and database authentication alike. We have only one connection to an Oracle database, so do not have any way of telling if it is an Oracle thing or not.


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to troubleshoot this problem?