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AGOL Web Map: Change Symbology by Date

Question asked by watsonem on Jan 11, 2018

Within a web map in ArcGIS Online, I want to automatically change symbology by unique values and another field according to the month. The first field, type, will stay consistent. The second field I would like to automatically change based on the current month. 


To expand, I was provided a farmers markets layer. They are either a roadside market or a farmers market. Each month, a market can be open or closed. For each month, there is a OPEN_xxx field (ex. OPEN_JAN, OPEN_FEB, etc), within that field the attributes are 'YES' or 'NO'. I want to write an arcade expression to select the type as the first value field which will stay consistent, then change the month field (such as OPEN_JAN) to the following month.


I've attempted many times but am failing.


My most recent try was within the Change Style pane, I selected Type as my first attribute then chose to write a new expression of the following:

When(Month(0) == $feature.OPEN_JAN, Month(1) == $feature.OPEN_FEB, defaultValue)


It did not work.  I am unable to choose both TYPE and OPEN_JAN even without an expression. 


Are there any other ways to make this work?