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Xamarin version 100.1 displayfield for layer from ArcGISMapImageLayer

Question asked by GregMobile311Esri on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by GregMobile311Esri

In version 100.1, is there a way to get the display field for a layer in an ArcGISMapImageLayer?  It's connecting and drawing fine and I can view ALL the fields for a feature, but I don't know which field is the DisplayField.


var dynamicMapUrl = new Uri(SettingHelper.GisSettings.MapServiceUrl);

dynamicLayer = new ArcGISMapImageLayer(dynamicMapUrl) {Opacity = Constants.EsriMap.DynamicLayerOpacity};


// Make sure that layer and it's sublayers are loaded

await dynamicLayer.LoadAsync();

                // step through the map layers and save current visibility

foreach (ArcGISSublayer baselayer in dynamicLayer.Sublayers)


                    MapLayerViewModel parentLayer = new MapLayerViewModel();

                    parentLayer.Id = baselayer.Id;

                    parentLayer.Text = baselayer.Name;

                    parentLayer.IsSelected = baselayer.IsVisible;

                    //parentLayer.DisplayField = ?????????? //HOW DO I GET THIS?