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Is there a way to preserve existing lat long data during geocoding?  I want to geocode using the ESRI World Geocoder, but I want to preserve existing lat long values, which may have been entered manually.  Some data is new and needs geocoding, but some ha

Question asked by Mark.Newman_Phase on Jan 10, 2018
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My customer has about 20 geocoded point feature classes that were geocoded several years ago.  They are not sure which address locator was used and it has become impossible to use the Review/Rematch addresses tool, which errors out.  If I geocode one of my customer's existing geocoded feature classes using the ESRI World Geocoder, I can now use the Review/Rematch tool, but the geocoding process overwrites my old lat long values, which I want to keep.  Many of the old lat long values were edited manually, and we don't want to lose those edits. 


Work flow:

1) Use the Table to Table tool to copy an existing geocoded point feature class to a table.

2) Geocode the new table using the ESRI World Geocoder, which overwrites my existing lat long data, but nicely geocodes any new data that was missing lat long data.  A new feature class is created that has all of the same attribute columns as the original feature class.


The Review/Rematch addresses tool works nicely now, but if I compare the before and after feature classes, I can see several points that have moved.