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Manage Tile Cache - 64-Bit Background GP - 10.5.1 - PP Factor

Question asked by gnewburyiv on Jan 10, 2018

When I'm creating a tile cache and use the 32-bit process, I get an ArcSOCP process for each PP Factor I specify and generally each ArcSOCP is reading imagery and handing off to the System process for writing out Bundles. So at peak performance I'm writing out multiple bundles at once. System I'm on has 40 cores, so I've been setting PP factor to 38. 


When I switch over to the 64-bit GP, set the PP factor to 38, give it an AOI with 100 bundles, and I get RuntimeLocalServer process running, but but it is only working on one bundle at a time. So basically my PP factor is worthless.


Anybody else experience this?