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Re-use directories between Server Installations? (i.e. Cache, output?)

Question asked by NZGeoCAD on Jan 9, 2018

I'm currently in the process of creating new on premise ArcGIS servers on the same domain (2 server machines, 1 webadaptor which will also run Portal). This setup largely mimics our current old setup and was hoping to reuse as much as possible 'as is'.

The long and short of my question is: What's the easiest way to have services and output locations from the old servers used by the new servers? (note: upgrading the old machines was the original idea but different OS + some issues with the original configuration etc etc made this unworkable)


Ideally a solution would not require downtime on the old servers but this could possibly be managed if the process was robust and didn't take too long.


Old servers: Windows Server 2012 R2, Server 10.41

New servers: Windows Server 2016, Enterprise 10.51


Thanks in advance: Any questions, let me know