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IWA and iOS

Question asked by SJehle on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by genetrpa

Hello, I have setup ArcGIS Enterprise in a development environment that includes an ArcGIS web adaptor (IIS), portal and server all on separate virtual machines. For the web adaptor IIS settings, I have disable anonymous access and enabled windows authentication and have successfully tested IWA. Users are able to sign in through a web browser without providing any sort of credentials. I am now in the process of connecting Collector for ArcGIS to the portal on an iOS (iPad) device. The iPad is AirWatch enabled and successfully connects to our network. I select ArcGIS Enterprise and fill out the portal connection as , where portal is the name of the web adaptor. However, upon login I am unable to able to pass credentials through the sign in. I have try to include both the domain name formats (username@domain or domain\username) and without the domain with no luck. The only return is error "cancelled". I have some questions:


  1. Is it possible for iOS devices to log in through portal's web adaptor when IWA is enable while allowing single-sign on for web browsers on windows? The iPad is AirWatch enabled, however it does not pass on any credentials as a windows machine would. If I enable anonymous access through IIS the portal login pops up with no issue and I can log in, however users are required to provide their credentials when going through a web browser. I would like for Collector to log in at the same end point while maintaining windows single sign-on.
  2. If it is not possible for iOS devices to log in when IWA is enable, is a problem with have two web adaptors registered with the portal: one for IWA on web browsers (e.g. )and another for signing in with mobile devices (e.g. The mobile web adaptor is only used to log in through Collector. I am able to connect to collector using the mobile web adaptor and sign in. Web maps show up, and I'm able to submit and view data. The only articles I could find were regarding highly available setups and a web adaptor on different machines with the same name.