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Relates + and workflow from  ArcPro to Online

Question asked by ep9k_uvalibrary on Jan 8, 2018
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I'm struggling here. My question is 2 parts:


I have a table (attached to this post) with usage data from a building on a college campus. There are 4 floors in the building. Each floor is broken into zones, where headcounts are taken at various times on various days.


My first problem- I have all my data in a table and I have layer files for the 4 floors in the building with their corresponding zones (zone 1, zone 2, etc). It seems I should create a relation between this table and each floor layer, right?


Second problem- Now, I'm trying to figure out a workflow to migrate this into ArcGIS online. Ideally the WebApp would do the following: Allow users, via some kind of drop down or radio button menu, to select a floor, a date, a time, and another variable to display. So for example: User chooses floor 1, October 19th, 10am, total headcount.


I'm not looking for step by step instructions but some guidance would be much appreciated.  


Thank you,