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Are there any dynamic map applications that cost less than $500 per year?

Question asked by GIS_Valley_County on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by mbockenhauer-esristaff

Many inexpensive mobile map applications, like Avenza,  are great, aside from the non-dynamic aspect - you can't click on elements to see attached documents, photos or more details (unless you have added the pin yourself, and even then it is very limited) and when you zoom in /out the static nature of the map leaves much to be desired on the interactive-front.


Interactive mobile map applications such as Collector or Carry Maps all ask for $500 per device/user per year. This can be costly if you only wish to reference data and not input data, but the dynamic nature and scalability of the applications is what field techs prefer and what makes field work easier overall.


Does anyone know of any map applications like Collector or Carry Maps that is less expensive than $500 per user per year that will integrate with shapefiles from ArcGIS Desktop?