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Enforcing domains when features loaded into feature class?

Question asked by MollyKFoley on Jan 8, 2018
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Is it possible to enforce the domain of a feature class on features being loaded into said feature class using the Load Objects tool? 


I have an empty feature class with a coded value domain set on one of the fields. It contains values like "F1, F2, F3" etc. When using the Load Objects tool to load features from a shapefile (who's attribute table matches up exactly field name and data type wise to the target feature class's), I noticed that it does not enforce the domain set on the target feature class's field. In the feature class, the domain of the field has values from F1 to F24. If I change that field's value in the shapefile to F25, then load the shapefile features into the target feature class, the F25 will transfer over without issue, even though F25 is not in the domain. 


It probably doesn't matter, but I'm not using any subtypes, just domains. I was hoping to use domains as a way to standardize data across many different clients, but since they'll be using the Load Objects tool to transfer data to a template feature class, it doesn't appear that it will work the way I hoped.