Using ArcReader and Pulisher insted of ArcExplorer

Discussion created by jrdpawar on Jan 5, 2018

Hi to Everybody,

I have two separate queries regarding

01) Use of ArcExplorer

02) Use of ArcReader and Publisher


01) ArcExplorer:


Hi, I am Rahul Pawar, working In Offshore Survey Company in UAE.

I have few queries regarding the use of ArcGIS Explorer in my organization. Please find some details about my work and my queries as below,

I am creating a database of all survey data collected by my organization. I would like to create a database which will be used by many of my colleagues. Till now I have prepared few database and uploaded in ArcGIS Explorer too. My questions are as follows,

  1. I have given hyperlink in ArcMap to the Feature, so by clicking I can go to the data or report folders. (Single Field Link).Then I saved those .shp files in .lyr. 
  2. If I opened those .lyrs in ArcGIS Explorer, I can see that the Link is not working in ArcExplorer as it works in ArcMap.
  3. Can anybody please suggest me, is it possible to give a link to any field of a feature in ArcExplorer???
  4. This is the main query, adding a hyperlink to a feature or how to activate link as like in ArcMap???
  5. Also, instead of one link, can I create multiple hyperlinks to more than one fields in ArcMap and Arc-Explorer ???

Please find an attachment for your understanding.


 My Second Query is about ArcReader and Publisher:-If it is not possible to have hyperlink in ArcExplorer, so can I use ArcReader.

Is ArcReader a free software??? to use ArcReader do i need to have license of Publisher???

because i want that whatever database i will create everyone can see and use it for view purpose. and with the help of hyperlink can go to the related reports folder.

Currently I have ArcGIS 10.3.1 Desktop and ArcReader. But I do not have Publisher.

So I need to purchase the license of Publisher???

Can anybody please help me regarding above two issues.


waiting for reply,


Thanks & Regards,

Rahul Pawar