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Image Service map views are blurred in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by udayaj on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by udayaj

When I load an Image Service (from a mosaic dataset) from ArcGIS Server into ArcGIS Pro, view is very blurred. Even if I zoom in, I do not see the individual pixels clearly.



But, after downloading that same image using the copy raster function I see a perfectly clear view.



Resolution, pixel size, stretching and symbology are same in both cases. I have tried to lock viewing rasters to few non-overview (primary) rasters, but it makes no change.


This badly affects the imagery users as they see low quality views unless they download and view data by themselves. Is this the general situation or is there something configurable to fix this? 

Appreciate any idea to improve the viewing quality.